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PRODUCED IN october 2014 as a concept visualisation for a company.

1 week

individual project

On this 1-week long project, I was asked to prepare presentation material to a content store that wants to encourage readers to buy digital books. My challenge was to come up with ideas to make Reading.com successful in this market landscape.

After benchmark research and online surveys, the opportunity of creating a service that combined the interests of users that liked digital and physical books was the space I decide to explore.



aReader is a service that allows people to share and borrow parts of books, replicating the behaviour of sharing interesting material with your friends without being limited by the media format. The service also provides an overview of your digital library: this way you can own multiple digital books and not lose track of what you have yet to read.

The video sketch was created using iPhone 4S and edited on iMovie. Flow diagrams were created for all the digital main interactions. The presentation can be found on slideshare.net/areader.


A service flexible to your reading habits



The website is the digital entry point to the service, but not only acts as a store. On you personal page you can add friends, borrow books and have an overview of what you own.

desktop app

The desktop app is used to directly manage what you have on your reading device. The service can manage these details online, but reading habits are not uniform. This way, you can deal with your files offline, using the device you prefer.

mobile app

The mobile app incorporates a more social aspect of the platform. Taking advantage of the mobility, the app is designed to make messaging and borrowing books faster. 


Research and Journeys

a print-media passionate


From the research, two user journeys were created to understand how the different types of readers would deal with the concept. The print-media passionate was identified as someone that might have multiple digital devices but don't use them to read; 

They also prefer to browse books by going to libraries or book stores instead of looking for them online. The fact that they deal with physical books also encourages borrowing them from friends.


A digital reader enthusiast


The digital-reader enthusiast was identified as someone that owns and uses an e-reader. Surprisingly, they also like to browse books on libraries when they have the time. They usually travel or move around the city a lot, so carrying many books was the turning point for making them decided to get an e-reader.

They often complain about losing track of how many digital books they have, the ones that they didn't finish and the fact they can't share or borrow books from friends.