Short-time project break

Yes, I did a project for fun in 2 weeks between working for Wobo, working on my BA Thesis (news soon) and trying to cope with all FabLab fun. It was short and sweet, I hope I can get more feedback and make it work at some point.


The challenge: To create a common ground to e-books and physical books enthusiasts.

I've started my work with a short questionnaire and reading a couple of articles regarding both universes (digital and physical reading). The next step was to highlight some insight and start ideation from it.


The app should allow people to borrow books and chapters if they are premium users. That way they can replicate some behaviours that happen when you have a physical book.

An overview of your library was another insight. It's easy to lose track of many ebooks you own.


After I had an idea about what the project should be, I've started sketching some user journeys. Defined the touchpoints I could prototype a bit and had my friends Netto and Hernando trying it. The result was a presentation to some interested people and a short video, featuring my sweet friends. The video was recorded with an iPhone, meaning RUSH. It's poorly edited and kinda cheesy, but it was a fun week to kill time I don't have.  I hope to come back and refine this one, I like the subject very much.