Ok, I'm here. Where is the fog?

YAY, San Francisco was finally a stop!

First time at the Wobo's office, which was super cozy. A great get together and I could finally see that the faces I've been talking to had also a body attached. Home-office for a designer is not that simple and I should probably talk about that later.

 When do you stop working? huh...

When do you stop working? huh...


SF is vibrant in a different way. I felt the urge to look different, eat things I haven't tried before, talk to people on streets. Ended up being a weird stereotype conflict, since it was my first time at the city and the country. I've felt something I haven't for a long time: that unsettling feeling, that you're completely clueless and you feel you're losing time overthinking where should you go, what should you see. It was stressful combined with the fact I only had one proper day to visit the city.

how do you solve this?

  1. Find the nearest friend. Or make one. Whatever.
  2. Let him/her show you around.
  3. Done.

And that's exactly what I did. Kevin and I wandered through tiny SF by foot. It was way better then following touristic stuff. Since there was no much depth (on day rush!), the route is here in pictures:

It's an awesome city. I could see myself living there, especially after I visited some other friends there - all UIDers, feeding the black market of designers. Overall promising, I hope I can stay longer next time.