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Building up on last reflections about Future Families, I've decided to better frame my concept as a future nostalgia. After all is a whole generation dealing with what remained of these family force fields. We were asked to create storylines In order to better organise these thoughts about the new world we are building. Below I have my deliverable and initial thoughts.

The future of technology is, ironically, all too human.
— Greg Sartell, Forbes (2015).

The past centuries were populated by great technological discoveries and inventions to push human life to a brighter and advanced level. Now, at the dusk of the period called by some “Digital-Renaissance”, technology has gained such attention that methods were created to curate it and keep a whole generation safe from information overload.

Marked by gender fluidity and extremely high qualification, the youth of 2035 has interesting challenges to overcome. Decreases of young population in some regions lead to a stimulated economic migration. Children go to school even earlier than before. Career decisions are also early and carefully taken - most of the time they mean to be away from your birthplace.

The elderly generation is particularly busy. The last recession combined with medicine progress not only increased the life span of the population but pushed a more professionally active life. Elders are highly considered as the new work force. After all, experience is still invaluable.

Our homes are built around families

Small single-houses are very common, but families are bigger than ever. After the last public poll, a family is no longer confined to the dwelling that was turned into an icon decades ago. Families are social entities spread around the world. Privately defined, they can include whomever one consider relevant. To start a family is very simple: go to your local municipality, register your family name and, if you want, order one of the network kits. It doesn’t matter where you are, all taxes will be collected to the local municipality where you were first registered.

But every family is different

After spending most of this year on university workplaces, [Eager] decided to spend more time at home. [Sweet] was having some problems dealing with the separation. [Eager] had an interesting lecture about Separation Syndrome and decided to buy extra network modules for their apartment to see how can they deal with it. Learn more about them:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 15.47.46.png

Meet Eager

[Eager] spent 16 years exploring and learning at school and now is moving to a different phase in life. Reaching their 18th birthday, they already moved to a new city after a long waiting time on the List. [Eager] signed up for a position working and studying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy since they were 14 years old - now they can finally move to a city that needs people with their qualification.



[Sweet] married [Pushy] very early and adopted a child just after. The government had such an effective programme to stimulate new families that they didn’t think twice after meeting each other. Now that [Eager] lives on a different country, they are concerned about how things are going for them and it’s very interested in being part of their everyday life. [Sweet] wanted to work as a kindergarten teacher, but the need to move to a more suitable city made them opt for a Nano-Materials Design position.


Meet Pushy

[Pushy] is not really an extroverted, but feels happy when it’s helpful. [Eager] is working hard by themselves and they feel exceptionally happy about it, but wants [Eager] to give their best all the time - which is sometimes misinterpreted. Pushy works from home, even if the therapist didn’t recommended.


Meet Loyal

[Loyal] met [Eager] when they were in kindergarten. They instantly became friends. Now they are apart, working in such different environments but always planning to meet each other at some point. While that, they share their company and some stories about their daily life. [Loyal] decided to study Aerospace engineering.


Meet Busy

Grandma [Busy] works since she was 18. She likes her main work a lot, she always loved animals and they always loved her… So being a vet is not really much struggle. She works as a tourist guide every other weekend. Settling down has its benefits.



The story of this family takes place in four different locations: Central Recife (my hometown) where Grandma Busy lives,  Suburban Recife where Sweet and Pushy live, Great Capital where Loyal lives and Megacity, where Eager is based.

Photographs of Noisy-le-Grand by Laurent Kronental and Double-exposed portraits by Christoffer Melander. I've found both are very intriguing ways of portraying future without too many details. Neutro-Utopian.