House, Tree, Person.

WORKSHOP TIME!  After receiving 64 answers from awesome people about what do they miss about their family and how they define it, I've organised a workshop adapting the HTP method (House, Tree, Person) to see how people role-play with my characters and give them a different dimension.


The workshop took place at our Interaction Lab. Five persons interpreted my five characters: Eager, Busy, Loyal, Sweet and Pushy. The activities where pretty straightforward.

First Part - who Am I?

A card represented each character and all five had to agree on who to pick based only on the picture. After each participant received their character cards, they were offered paper and markers to draw their apartment and later present theirselves to each other, explaining why the apartment was decorated like that. I was also asked which part of their home they liked the most and why.

It was interesting to see how the couple solved the situation, creating isolated areas for themselves in each other's houses.

Second part - My family, my home

During the second part, every person had to pick which things their character like to do the most with the family and where each one of them would happen in this scenario where everyone is apart. They received a stack of cards with the most common answers collected from a previous survey.

THIRD PART - routines

On the third and final part, each one received two different decks of cards: one with emotions and another with stimuli. They were suppose to demonstrate how their characters would react to some life situations and which group of stimuli better represented that.

Everything took about 1h to be finished and many insights were collected. It was also super fun.


The best insight I could collect from it it's kinda stupid but it was being ignored from me since the beginning. The Network can be formed but people would never have the same level of intimacy with each other. The blood relation continues to not matter, it's related to personality.

After that, I've decided to keep the network as a one person perspective, so an agreement would be necessary to be on a network. I assumed that a network wouldn't be used form hundreds of people, after all you are talking about intimate relations. It seemed I shouldn't constraint or deal with that now.

I've though interesting how people used the same stimuli to represent the same feeling even though their characters had a different perspective on the story.

Next Steps

  • Create an initial concept
  • Rewrite part of the story to fit this new perspective