Everything is a prototype, every prototype is a remix.

After going back and forth to the drawing board, I've finally have something to proudly narrow down. Reviewing the previous concepts, I wrote a short story that should be transformed into a script and finally my video. The main characters are still de same, although now Loyal is called Amanda and Eager is called Ana. Some of the artefacts will be better described further on the road.


Home is where your family is. Home is everywhere.


It's morning in Megacity. The machine looks static while she stares at it, sipping coffee. “Just go ahead and do it,” she (Eager) keeps repeating to herself.  All those years braided into each other and suddenly nothing. She looks at her personal device on the table, connected to the machine. Over to the shelf, near the couch, the fireplace, the kitchen cabinet… everyone in sync, shining, happy, sleeping. Not her. Amanda’s (Loyal) token is complete darkness.

“She must be home now,” she thinks, anxious for something to react.

She starts to walk around, impatient. Looking through the window everything outside looks decadent. Her eyes navigate through every single token in the room. It has been a year since she left her hometown, she still has the speedtrain ticket. She holds a portrait with all them in the picture and starts to remember the moving day.


Ana's previous house, Small-town, 1 year ago

She received the call from the List the day before. Everyone was scared and excited but Amanda was the first person to give her a token. She took her by the hand and dragged her outside. “You are my family too,” Amanda said and hugged her as strong as she could.

“Now close your eyes and open your hand.”
She was reluctant, but did it anyways.

“It’s a ghost! Just like the ones we use to play together.”

“Is it working already?” She asked, laughing and confused.

“Yes, I will show you,” Amanda said, bringing her back home. The moment they entered the little ghost started to vibrate. “Just put her over there,” Amanda said, pointing to the shelf. The ghost was glowing, showing excitement. “Awn”.

"You can just grab him to see how I'm doing while away from you."


Back in the apartment, Ana is standing in front of the ghost. She tries to reach for it, but the token just avoids her.  She looks at the machine again, there have been months without a blue thread in the network. “She didn’t forgive me.”

The drawer is open, there is a pair of scissors in the drawer. A picture frame with her and Amanda staring at each other can be seen in the background. She insists and grabs the tiny ghost. Her whole room transforms, the lights turn blueish and the air is cold. From the ghost she can feel Amanda’s perfume, a slow heartbeat. “I’m so sorry for what I did,” she whispers. Her eyes are watery and she walks in the direction of the machine with the scissors in one hand, holding strongly the ghost with the other.

She still feels the heartbeat on her hand. While she walks, the room behind her starts to fade from blue to a pale yellow… . Her heart stops. The machine slowly starts to move, the thin transparent thread turning blue. The tiny ghost seems teary.

She brings the ghost close to her ear. “I’m sorry too Ana…” the voice starts to say. Ana can't hold her nervous smile. The whole room is golden and the machine is working again, all threads from different colours mixing together. She reaches her personal device to call Amanda.