Final concept-ish: Family time!

Wrapping up the current concept presented on the short story Home is Where Your Family is, Home is Everywhere.

The Home Network

Everything started by considering the current idea of Home as a place inhabited by your family. In the future scenario where there is no house-sharing due to social and economical changes, the concept of Family changed to a Network of care between you and a group composed by family, friends and neighbours (whoever is meaningful to your life).

Why in my house?

The concept takes place on the wide-spread automated single houses. Feeding on the data collected by your personal devices, the house of 2035 adjust itself to suit your biological and psychological needs. However, the emotional gap of a whole generation growing up isolated made FutureHomes invest in a way of turning the cold isolated house into a home again.

The Home Network was introduced as a way to bring back the casual comfort of being around your family without losing your privacy.

How do I know who is in my network?

The first time you move from a place, you can order one of custom-made tokens or our add-on to your domestic printer.



The tokens carry a special relation to wherever you live. They should be placed at the house of people you care about and represent a connection you don’t want to lose. Every time some holds your token, they will receive an output on your current status:

Availability - The tokens opacity changes in relation to your availability or presence at your home. Example, if you are not at home in the moment, your token will be transparent. They can change depending if you are Sleeping, Away or “Awake at Home”.

Emotional Status - Simply grab the token they gave to you. After you grab the token, your house will be used as an amplifier of their status. Light colors and brightness combined with room temperature will be changed according to the emotional status communicated by the token.

“Thoughts” - Everything you say while holding the token can be transmitted to the person that gave this token to you.

Closeness - Heartbeat and warmth are transmitted by the token as a way of communicating the active signal.


Relationship building

Your family is your support and to have a good relationship with people that care about you is something to be celebrated. However it’s not easy to be by yourself and you might always feel you are missing out on somebody.


That’s why all tokens are instantly connected to The Home Monitor, a way of displaying how much you interact with everyone on your Home Network by a colourful knitted patterned.