Thesis#1: The time has come.

Finally the time to decide on the topic I will be working for the next 18 weeks. Scary. Exciting. I'm still not sure about my decision but after doodling and talking to so many people about their thoughts on my topic choices, it feels like this one should be done no matter what. I can't think of a better place to investigate and build my thoughts around this topic than this school. So my topic is...

 Yes, I'm working on how to work.

Yes, I'm working on how to work.

This projects first aims to investigate how working culture is currently changing on cities. Coworking spaces seem to be early adopters of these trends as a way of differentiating themselves and create a competitive value. From this perspective, the project aims to provide a concept that explores how can coworking spaces evolve and turn into meaningful places on future cities. The concept can vary from tangible and virtual artefacts to public installations and/or services. 

Potentially Recife will be the scenario to this project in partnership with NÓS Coworking, which offered to stage the final concepts. The main deliverable should be a narrative of how the coworking spaces will influence the city and involve a bigger community. A secondary goal is to have working touch points of the concept for the partner space. 

But why?

The impact of technology in urban life has always intrigued me. My passion for ethnography and history make me wonder how can social landscapes be shaped by the added layer of information and efficiency and how can both be converted into knowledge. However, the attempts of turning my city into a future “place-to-be” came with social segregation, commercial motivations and a weakening of community feeling or care for the city. As an interaction designer, I feel that now, when technology affects so many crucial aspects of our lives more than ever, is the time to intervene and explore the creation of democratic access to improve cities and our society.

Fingers-crossed to how this project will be developed. Jennifer Saarich-Harvey, from IDEO Boston accepted to tutor me during this journey, which makes me extra happy. The complete brief can be found here.