Thesis#2: Field research at the ethnographic paradise.

During this thesis project I decided to explore different approaches and tools to research. But at some point you really need to meet people face-to-face to get inspired (and people inspire me much more than raw data). So to address my research loneliness I travelled a lot. First to a Coworking UNconference called CUASIA 2016 (it reads see-you-asia) in an attempt to understand coworking spaces from the members and owners themselves. Also to host an ideation workshop that would help me to do all the above.

Inspiration: Co-designing the future coworking space with members, hosts and owners at CUASIA16.

The purpose of an Unconference is to let people decide on topics and pitch their discussions idea. The board itself helped me a lot to reframe my work.

CUASIA16 (Coworking Unconference Asia 2016) is an event dedicated to discuss and share innovative ideas about growing, running and being a member of a coworking community. Reuniting around 200 people from coworkings around the world (North-America, Asia, Oceania and Europe), the event was a great scenario for ideation.

Three ideation sessions of 45 min were held on during the conference with an average of 30 participants per session. They were asked to ideate on the question “How would your workspace be (look/behaviour) if you have all the money and time available?”. This activity aimed to answer the following questions:



What is the part of the working life they feel that needs to be changed the most today? What concerns them?


How open is the coworking community to the introduction of technology on their workspace?


How they envision the place to evolve? If they had all the money they needed, how would they rebuild the coworking space?


What is in the way of achieving their dreams today?


Eight ideas had to be generated, spending 2 minutes in each one. The participants used markers and paper to draw or write about each idea and after the ideation was completed their worksheets were shuffled and redistributed. With the new group of ideas, they were asked to select the one they liked the most and add or edit information on it. Every participant got to present their new formed concepts.

And this was a snippet of my adventures in Indonesia. I didn't get to try my prototypes with them, everyone was too fascinated by the surrounding nature. In the end, it seemed that there is a special mindset to decided working in Bali. The aim for a better work-life balance there is too strong to ignore, maybe too strong to incorporate as a current scenario on my project.

Then everything turned around.

A few days before travelling to CUASIA16 I realised that going back to my hometown could probably lead me to exhaustion AND a mix of dengue fever, Chikungunya and Zika virus. So I had to find a new partner ASAP to ground my future concepts and test my prototypes. And from all the messages I've send, one was answered on time! Thank you HUB13.