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You wish you had loved less


PRODUCED IN SEMPTEMBER 2013 AT Umeå institute of design.

"You Wish You Had Loved Less" is a poster created as an exercise for the Graphic Design part of the first course at Umeå University.

The piece was produced using a sound clip and story provided by a previous interviewee. The song  used as inspiration was "Sipping on the Sweet Nectar" from Jens Lekman. The interviewee story's talks about feeling taken by a moment, even when his mind try to resist, and regret it after.


The poster should illustrate this experience in a propaganda language and for that I choose the relation with trying drugs on their youth, as if the poster reminded the viewer of their past.

The illustration was created by me using several sketches and the final poster was printed in large format (A1) and together with my colleagues' work, exposed at the hall of the design school.