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Creating a platform for vendors and stores from the collegiate industry

Created FOR Former WOBO INC, Currently BOOKVOLUME.

See BookVolume's REDESIGN project HERE.

VendorForm is a system created when Wobo's team identified an opportunity to apply B2B eCommerce technology to the general merchandise sector of the higher education industry in the United States. The goal is to organize all vendors for campus stores in a single location, and then standardise and streamline the ordering process that today is not uniform and outdated on most stores.

My role in the project was to improve the user interface and suggest new features based on user research. During the development,  I had to communicate with the development team to iterate and review the material produced.


The project was run on an Agile method, with short sprints and I've produced service journey maps, surveys, wireframes, prototypes and final graphical interface.

The last phase of the project was to create experiments and capture future directions for the service.

Further details of the project are confidential since the development is still ongoing.